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Apr 30, 2012 . Celebrating a whopping $2 Billion profit in 2011, Disneyland has decided to giveaway free tickets to facebook users! To get yours, Follow the . May 14, 2015 . (The one-word name “Disneyland” applies to the older park in California.). Each bag will contain 5 tickets for an all paid for Disney World . Jul 16, 2015 . disneyscam Another day, another Facebook scam that has suckered more than 25,000 people in just a matter of hours — in spite of the fact that . You will not receive 4 Free Disneyland Tickets for sharing, commenting and liking a Facebook post! Surprisingly, almost 6.5 MILLION people have liked. In the latest scheme of things cyerbcrooks have created several fake Walt Disney World pages on Facebook that attempt to offer chances for winning tickets if . Nov 30, 2015 . However, the post is just a typical Facebook giveaway scam. No amount of liking, sharing, commenting, or clicking will get you any chances to . Feb 5, 2013 . The supposed giveaways are scams designed to trick people into. 2012, Disneyland has decided to giveaway free tickets to facebook users!Mar 19, 2014 . Each winner will receive 4 tickets each for a date of your choice with $2,000 spending money. To enter. Free Disneyland Tickets Survey ScamOct 24, 2015 . Sharing this post ***won't*** win you free tickets to Disney World.. Looking for information about the April 2016 "Disneyland 61st Birthday" offer?. A Disney- sponsored giveaway would know that the parks are properly called Walt scams , going back at least to 2012, as documented in this Snopes arti. Jun 15, 2015 . That goes for free tickets to Florida's Walt Disney World Resort.. According to Snopes.com, a similar scam involving Disneyland spread via .


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