It's a great way to practice inference, especially for 4th grade Common Core Standards for Reading Literature or Reading Informational Text. It's a good activity . Drawing Conclusions Review/Practice Game · Reading English LaLa. . were drawn. Not cutesy enough for 2nd grade.. but still a GREAT starting point.. .. See More. 1. 1.. Drawing Conclusions with a FREEBIE! This 3rd/4th grade teacher describes a lesson about drawing conclusions that uses an engaging read-aloud!Jan 17, 2012 . Looking for some drawing conclusions activities to teach students this important reading strategy? Look no further. These drawing conclusions activities will. Teacher Tools · Curriculum Guides · Math Strategy Board · Reading Strategy Board · 4th Grade About Our State (DPI) · Learning Page · Onli. Lessons. Lesson 1 Explicit Information versus Drawing Conclusions Identify and describe the difference between explicit information and drawing conclusions.
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