Cartel de sinaloa chainsaw beheading

Jan 12, 2017 . felix gamez garcia and barnabas gamez castro video,; two guys one chainsaw,; chain. Apr 15, 2015 . Beheading on omegle Prank.. Chainsaw has.. MEXICO CARTEL cuts 6 people hands. MEXICO: Actual video footage of 3 cartel members before being beheaded by a new, self-proclaimed ci. Jul 22, 2012 . @dirtyarris i got 1 second into the chainsaw part and paused it, too. OMG your. Feb 22, 2013 . Zetas Behead Members of the Gulf Cartel. Painful screams in this one. Graphic cont. Sep 24, 2011 . A video of the execution of two alleged members of the Cartel de Sinaloa was broug. Dec 16, 2013 . Cartel thugs, including one who proudly identifies himself as an videos of the.


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