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Puntland officially the Puntland State of Somalia is a region in northeastern Somalia, centered on Garoowe in the Nugal province. Its leaders declared the . PUNTLAND FACTS AND FIGURES. First Edition. 2003. Ministry of Planning and Statistics. Puntland State of Somalia. 1. Puntland Facts and Figures . The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC) has the honour to present the 2006 edition of Puntland Facts and Figures. This book is the . Puntland Development Research Centre. PEFA. PSAWEN. Puntland State Agency for Water, Energy and Natural Resources. PSG. … FACTS AND FIGURES.Develop and operate a Puntland statistics database; Prepare Puntland facts and figures booklet; Contribute to analytical work of the department and other . Feb 4, 2016 . An overview of the autonomous Puntland region of Somalia.. Unlike its neighbour, breakaway Somaliland, Puntland says it does. FACTS . SOMALIA FACTS AND FIGURES. February 2011. SITUATION. 32 per cent of the TEENren and in Puntland. 3,000 TEENren from IDP settlements were enrolled.To conduct socio-economic assessment study in Puntland regions. .. 3 Facts and Figures, Ministry of Planning and Statistics, Puntland State of Somalia, 2003,  . Fact Sheet. 5 IOM and Somaliland, Puntland and South Central AIDS Commissions Youth Behavioural. Figure 3: Youth Frustration and Underlying Causes.Dec 16, 2010 . 19 Operations In Somalia Fact Sheet, UNHCR (June 2011). nomadic pastoral food economy and about half that figure with sedentary agro- .

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