How much does it cost for a postcard stamp

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Initial United States postage rates were set by Congress as part of the Postal Service Act. The United States issued its first postage stamps in 1847.. . in 2016 dollars was not fixed over time. Current USPS postage rates, 2014 US postal stamp prices.. With all you need to do is weigh your mail piece and choose your mail class, . Info on 2017 USPS postage rate increase, new USPS postage stamp prices.. First Class Package Service will see an average rate increase of 4.1% in 2017.To qualify for the base rate, postcards cannot be folded. Large postcards can measure up to 6 ⅛” high, 11 ½” long and ¼” thick, but they cost as much as a . Postcard Size, Quantity, Price, Cost. First-Class Mail® Stamped Large Postcards. Maximum size: 11-1/2 inches long by 6-1/8 inches high by 1/4 inch thick. $0.49 . USPS postage rates offer low-cost mailing and shipping prices for domestic & international customers. See Forever postage stamp prices and other postage rates.Oct 12, 2016 . The last time stamp prices increased was in January 2014. Today's price change filing does not include any price change for Postcards, for . Mobile Price Calculator Domestic Business Calculator Postal Explorer USPS. com. Postage Price Calculator. Domestic and International Retail Prices . Apr 7, 2016 . The USPS is lowering the price of a postage stamp for the second time. "If stamp prices somehow were cut, millions of Forever holders,. . Well, it may have something to do with a name not often associated with the glitz and.


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